The Beauty of Anacapa Island


April 4, 2017

When I first learned of Anacapa Island earlier this year, the only thing I knew about it was that it was part of the Channel Islands National Park.  It’s accessible only by boat by reserving your trip through  The 1-hour boat trip departs at 9:30 am from their Oxnard, CA harbor location and arrives at East Anacapa Island.  On a clear day you may experience a whale sighting.  To reach the top of the island, you must climb up over 130 steps up a winding set of stairs from the dock.

I first explored the Visitor Center and saw the original light that was used when the lighthouse was fully functional.  The Visitor Center provides plenty of history about the islands and brochures for those wanting to take information to their friends and family.

Anacapa Island may be remote off the California Coast, however you are truly not alone.  Hundreds of birds live on the island.  So in reality, you are their guest for the day, or night if you decide to camp.  Don’t be surprised if one, two or many more squawk at you a few times.

Use caution along Inspiration Point.  There’s no railing along the cliff and part of the island runs along a fault line that can drop off.  The island volunteer pointed this out to me as I was in an are that was considered not safe.  The views of the other two islands that make up Anacapa Island’s are incredible.  The Lighthouse at the opposite side of the island is a short hike from Inspiration Point.  You are allowed to get within 50 yars of the lighthouse due to the consistent fog horn.  Make sure you bring your camera and comfortable hiking shoes because this island is worth the money!  Lastly, you may have an encounter with a pod of dolphins on your return trip!

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